My name is Ken Whitman and I like to think of myself as a entertainer.  I enjoy acting, graphic design, art, social networking, and especially game design.

I started roleplaying in 1981, when I was invited to a weekend game of D&D.  We quickly switched to Marc Millers Traveller and that became our groups game of choice.  Wanting to run my own campaign, I picked up the first edition of Champions, and from that day on I wanted to create games.

I created my first card game when I was attending college at Murray State University in Murray Kentucky, while I was running a game shop called The Abstract.  The Abstract was a unique store, I sold comics, games, posters, and even printed resumes for fellow college students.

My first Gen Con was 1989, would have been  1988 but my car broke down on the way to the show.  I released my first game RPG in 1989 called Mutazoids, and then obtained the license for Ralph Bakshi’s Wizards and the WWF.

In 1994 I was offered a job at TSR, Inc. So, I took the job of GEN CON Convention Coordinator.  I ran Gen con in 1994 & 1995.  While at TSR, I made some people I am honored to still call my friends.  Lester Smith & Jim Ward are like my brothers, and not to mention I also close to Larry Elmore, Margaret Weis & Jeff Easily  (Sorry about the name dropping, but I love these guys.)

After the TSR years, I accidentally stayed in Lake Geneva Wisconsin for another 5 years.  As of today I have designer, created, manufactured and distributed over 100 games and game related products.

I returned to Kentucky in 2001 to work for world famous fantasy artist Larry Elmore. As project manager we produced various art books, posters, products and attended many conventions as guests of honor. Although, I no longer work directly for Larry, I do work with him occasionally on crazy little projects.

At the ripe old age of 46, I have traveled the world, networked with thousands of people, and promoted many products, people, and ideas. I can only hope that the next 30 years bring as much adventure and joy as the first 46!!


Game Design, Fim, Print Consulting, & Social Networking.


Products Produced

People always ask me what games and books I worked on over my many years of game design and publishing.   Well, without further adu….

Whit Publications

  • Mutazoids
  • Mutazoids GM Screen
  • Mutazoids 2nd Edition
  • Mutazoids 2nd Edition Gm Screen
  • Mutazoids: Bandlands
  • Raph Bakshis Wizards Basic RPG
  • Raph Bakshis Wizards GM Screen
  • Wizards: Montagar
  • Wizards: Scortch
  • World Wrestling Federation Basic RPG (1993)

Imperiem Games

  • Marc Miller’s Traveller: 4th ed., Imperium Games, Inc. (1996)
  • T4: Starships
  • T4: Central Supply Catalog (1996)
  • T4: Alien’s Archive (1996)
  • T4: Milieu 0

Archangel Entertainmnet

  • Groo: The Card Game
  • Groo The Card Game Expantion
  • The Three Stooges Card Game
  • Art of Dan Frazier, The
  • Art of Ray Lago, The
  • Art of Steve Stone, The
  • Extreme Vengeance
  • Die and Die Again
  • Maximum Damage
  • Steve Stones: ZERO
  • SuperNumerary

Dynasty Publications

  • Dark Conspiracy Player’s Handbook (1998)
  • Dark Conspiracy Referee’s Guide (1998)
  • Referee’s Guide (Basic Edition)  (1998)
  • Referee’s Guide (Basic Edition)  (1998)
  • Referee’s Screen w/Ice Daemon  (1998)
  • Sin City #1 – The Shadow Falls  (1998)
  • Sin City #2 – Of Gates and Gods  (1998)
  • Sin City #3 – Masks of Darkness  (1998)


  • Archmage


  • Games Unplugged #1: Premiere Collector’s Issue (2000)
  • Games Unplugged #2 (2000)
  • Games Unplugged #3 (2000)
  • Games Unplugged #4 (2000)
  • Games Unplugged #5 (2001)
  • Games Unplugged #6 (2001)
  • Games Unplugged #7 (2001)
  • Games Unplugged #8 (2001)
  • Games Unplugged #9/10: GenCon Special Double Issue (2001)

Elmore Productions

  • Back to the Drawing Board – Fantasy Sketchbook
  • Elmore Postcards – Critters
  • Elmore Postcards – Magic Users
  • Character Clip Art & Color Customizing Studio
  • Larry Elmore Trading Card Set (90)
  • Reflections of Myth – The Larry Elmore Sketchbook #1
  • Reflections of Myth – The Larry Elmore Sketchbook #2
  • Twenty Years of Art – Elmore
  • Women of the Woods
  • Snarquest Graphic Novel
  • Snarfquest Card Game
  • Snarfquest d20 RPG

Time Out Diversions

  • Wild World Wrestling
5 Star Barbarians
  • Brothers Barbarian (epasoids 1-6)